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Build strength across all major muscle groups and master Compound & Olympic Lifts during the first part of the Blueprint. It is the base for all work to come.


Moving free weights from A to B in the most efficient way is key during this part of the Blueprint. Weightlifting and high skill Bodyweight movements need to be on point.


From very controlled, we are now moving to higher intensity work capacity. Put Strength and Skills to the test in a variety of workout types and formats. Get better every day.


Enhancing Range of Motion, strengthening supporting muscles, injury prevention and even pumping the good old iron! These are all part of the Blueprint Accessory.



“We’re not trying to get to the Games. We train because the programming constantly motivates us to explore our limits while having fun.”


How it all started

From working out at CrossFit RTM to programming for RTM Lifestyle Gym. Javier Wanga & Julian Feij joined forces in late 2017 and started developing a unique program for individual athletes in need of a well structured weekly training format. The Wodstylez Blueprint was born ever since. Having lived by this Blueprint for the last two years the principles have developed itself in such a way that serving a complete CrossFit Gym has now become a reality. Our vision is simple, yet effective. Structure leads to consistency, consistency leads to succes. Programmed to be challenging, yet scalable for all.


Box Programming

As an RTM athlete, striving for a healthy body and mind should be your top priority. However, feeling strong and skilled while on this journey to succes is definitely an extra motivation to train hard across the entire spectrum that CrossFit has to offer as a sport of Fitness. The Wodstylez Blueprint Box Programming covers this spectrum for you during the weekly program. It allows you to experience the different elements of fitness as Strength-, Skill-, Intensity- and Accessory Work make up a solid foundation for the Blueprint. The Wodstylez Blueprint will cover programming of all classes that RTM has to offer its members. Hence, consistency and total overview is guaranteed.

Workout of the Day

Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Monostructural Conditioning as Fitness Modalities are the foundation of all Intensity workouts. Everyday is different. Every week has different focus; alternating between Compound movements and Olympic Lifting. Put strength and skills to the test while under the pressure of different elements such as Time and Load. But how about the element of Fatigue? Can you still move while normally you’d rather take a break? Join the WOD if you want to commit to a complete program. Don’t be afraid of missing out certain training as Wodstylez Blueprint Programming ensures shifting modalities.

Barbell Class

During Barbell classes the coach will focus on improving your Olympic Weightlifting techniques and overall understanding of body movement when executing these high-skilled lifts. As such, a broad variety of Snatch, Clean and Jerk drills will be programmed and, in addition, time will be spent on accessory skills, drills and strength to support the Olympic Lifts. Barbell classes are highly recommended when it comes to lifting weights with confidence during high intensity training in the WOD, remember that.

Sweat Class

No snatches, no bar muscle ups. Just working your butt off, get the work done and feel depleted but satisfied when class is done. This is the main objective of the Blueprint Program during Sweatclass where everyone is welcome to enjoy some good and fun conditioning workouts. Combining Monostructural Conditioning with a good variety of bodyweight movements and lightweight objects creates an excellent and creative program.

Advanced Workout

Looks like you are ready to be challenged even harder. Every Saturday at 10:00 Wodstylez Blueprint gives you hell. From heavy barbells to high skill gymnastics, please bring your A-game because the Advanced Workout is not intended for the beginner athlete. Of course, we are not all CrossFit Games Athletes, however, doing this workout as “Rx” should be your ultimate goal, eventually. Using the Advanced Workout to reveal areas of improvement is a great way to trigger yourself and spend more time fine-tuning your overall fitness. Are you ready for this?


Sunday is Chipper time! This means the Blueprint Program will not spend time on skills and drills but instead the hour is used for athletes of all levels to enjoy a tough and long workout with the same high intensity style as used during the regular WOD classes.

WSBP Accessory

As an additional service Wodstylez Blueprint will work on improving your skills and strength by providing after-workout accessory exercises. This is programmed 5 times a week and is available to all Athletes that want to up their game. Hence, try to fit this into your training schedule to get maximum results.

About WSBP


Javier Wanga & Julian Feij

Writing isn’t hard. Creative writing, however, is an art. We believe that the Wodstylez Blueprint earns its implementation because of creative programming. This creativity comes from somewhere. Both Javier and Julian have backgrounds in process design and strategy design thinking. Currently employed at a corporate company Julian trains daily at RTM and has developed himself as an allround athlete with lots of love for any barbell workout. Wodstylez as a Creative Brand is owned by Javier who typically finds himself working out, coaching at RTM and designing anything he can get his hands on. To read more about Javier & Julian, simply visit Wodstylez Blueprint online at wodstylez.com/blueprint. Please feel free to approach us should you have any questions; we are very happy to elaborate more on the Wodstylez Blueprint as a program and the opportunities it brings.


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