Where Design Meets Fitness


Wodstylez brings your business ideas to life by delivering beautiful digital artwork. From designing gorgeous logo’s and housestyles to building complete websites and producing short films. Get branded!


Fitness Programming to challenge you in such a way it motivates you to keep coming back for more. The 4 pillars of the Wodstylez Blueprint will ensure a rock solid training foundation and is designed for every fitness level. Let’s Go!


Not (yet) a clothing brand, but damn those Wodstylez shirts look awesome! Wodstylez Apparel comes in different colours and awesome designs to make you look like a star during workouts and in your active lifestyle.


Creative DESIGN

Positive Attitude

Strong Character

Humble With Stylez

Creativity comes in all forms and shapes across all types of businesses and industries. When used correctly, creativity can help structure the path to success of whatever endeavor you are on. Life has goals, professional or personal. Wodstylez is there to guide you through both; it’s where design meets fitness.

It’s quite odd seeing a brand that tries to tackle two industries at the same time, this is usually unseen or not done; better to be good at one thing, right? Wrong. Wodstylez chooses generalism over specialism. And for a reason. Being good at many things basically means you’re being good at life. If you feel the same way, please drop us a line and see where our businesses can take each other. Happy to buy you a nice cup of coffee (or latte macchiato).


Having started working out at RTM a few years ago I had the pleasure of training with Javier and experienced his drive and ethics at first hand when it all started. Wodstylez Blueprint is constantly varied and the feeling of following a structured and logical program makes me feel complete.

Seda Cin

Wodstylez Creative has helped me build my brand from scratch to what it is today. With minimal input the logo design and housestyle was created exactly to my liking which resulted in easy and overall branding that I can apply to my everyday business.

Renée Hijzen

Owner, Dóttir Pre- & Postnatal Training