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“I Love to engage in anything that requires structure and creativity”

Javier A. Wanga

A multi functional mind, driven by core values applied to every day activities. Owner and Creator of Wodstylez, Javier Wanga loves to engage in anything that requires structure and creativity. Born and raised in Middelburg, at a young age Javier started his athletic adventure in the local Judo dojo and soon found himself competing for the country of Aruba while obtaining college and university degrees in Aerospace Engineering (MSc.) from Delft University of Technology. After a long business/corporate career at companies such as Accenture, Air France KLM and Eneco, Javier decided to continue his quest and follow his passion: Sports and Creative Design. With the same discipline used during his Judo and Corporate career, Javier strives to run Wodstylez focussing on Creative Design but also meaningful fitness training programs.


Some of my core values that I like to describe myself with are also applied in my business approach.

Positive Attitude

There is so much negativity in the world today and it is in our nature to complain about almost everything. In stead, approaching a given task with good possitive attitude will most likely tackle any hurdle that you encounter. This applies to your work, your training and to your little toddler that doesn’t want to get ready for school.

Strong Character

Character is everything. It resembles you as a person before someone even knows you. Strong also means to have the capacity to take a beating, not litteraly but in all sorts of events. Can you cope?

Humble with Stylez

Be kind. Be nice. It’s not that hard. Everyone has talents and you have the right to show them. But do so without damaging others. Wodstylez refers to this value as “Humble With Stylez”.


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