The All Inclusive

Wodstylez Blueprint


Build strength across all major muscle groups and master Compound & Olympic Lifts during the first part of the Blueprint. It is the base for all work to come.


Moving free weights from A to B in the most efficient way is key during this part of the Blueprint. Weightlifting and high skill Bodyweight movements need to be on point.


From very controlled, we are now moving to higher intensity work capacity. Put Strength and Skills to the test in a variety of workout types and formats. Get better every day.


Enhancing Range of Motion, strengthening supporting muscles, injury prevention and even pumping the good old iron! These are all part of the Blueprint Accessory.

30-day training

by Wodstylez

Who whould have thought that one can fill a program with main focus on dumbbell workouts only? It’s a common mistake to assume one needs a fully equiped gym to achieve certain fitness goals. Wodstylez Blueprint presents to you Chapter 1 of the Dumbbell Madness book series. 



Individual Program

Here it is, one Blueprint for individual athletes looking to gain more. This is fitness programming to challenge you in such a way it motivates you to keep coming back for more. The 4 pillars of the Blueprint will ensure a rock solid training foundation. When followed correctly, our daily Blueprint should take you somewhere in between 90 and 120 minutes to complete. Strength, Skill, Intensity and Accessory are the building blocks that make up the Wodstylez Blueprint whereas Weightlifting, Gymnastics and Monostructural Conditioning as Fitness Modalities are the foundation of all Intensity workouts.


Build strength, it’s the foundation of many things in life. This part of the program is designed to give you the ability to move heavy weights in the major compound strength exercises and olympic weightlifting movements.


When building strength it is essential to keep moving like a Ninja. This part of the program is designed to give you the ability to move heavy weights but keeps in mind the necessity of physical agility in a loaded or bodyweight state.


Put strength and skills to the test while under the pressure of different elements such as Time and Load. But how about the element of Fatigue? Can you still move while normally you’d rather take a break?


This section comes last in the programming but is certainly not the least. On the contrary; accessory work is highly recommended to activate and train the smaller muscle stimulus. These excercises are often combined as super sets and demand focus on perfect execution. Sometimes we even bring back the good old body pumpers or a RomWod stretching session! Hence, never skip these.

Personalized Training

With Functional Fitness as the base element of the Blueprint philosophy, Personalized Training is now available. Whether you are an individual looking to gain better fitness results and learn new skills or perhaps you are a coach and are looking to enhance your sports team’s performance on the field; Training by Wodstylez delivers you tailor made training programs. Or, you might be that one athlete who is constantly dealing with some unfortunate injuries and disabilities that needs special and modified training; Training by Wodstylez is here to help you on your journey to recovery or to support you on your everyday quest to train with an injury.

Overall Fitness

You are ready to commit to the Wodstylez way of training. Based on the Blueprint structure we will work and build on your overall fitness. Strength, Conditioning and Skills will be an integral part of your training but executed at a sustainable pace in order to stay motivated to come back for more.

Sport Specific Training

Depending on your background, Wodstylez Blueprint will craft your fitness schedule in such a way it will compliment your own field of expertise. Whether you are a martial artist, a soccer player or a tennis player, Strength and Conditioning is a general requirement in all sports. Hence, the Blueprint is there to cover those aspects in a structured way.

Training With Injuries

You are finding yourself with an injury and cannot do the active things you like doing; no games with your sports team, no visits to the gym. Terrible! But you should’t be sitting at home either! Training with an injury is possible and even a must if you want to stay mentally fit. Wodstylez Blueprint has experience with training while injured where focus should always be on recovery and caution. Come and find out more!


“The fact that I had access to two heavy dumbbells and an elite dumbbell-only training schedule in the past few weeks is what kept me fit and sane. I truly cannot recommend a better training schedule than that of Wodstylez Blueprint.”

L. Braakenburg

“I’ve been doing this fitness thing for quite some time now and I’ve always done al kinds of fancy programming with great results until I decided to try something new. In October of 2019 I joined the Wodstylez Blueprint family and my fitness game went next level almost immediately. Not to mention my physique.”

C. Soliana


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Wodstylez Athlete Training Week

The Blueprint individual program is based on a 5-day training week where workouts are published on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Don’t forget to take some rest or active recovery on Wednesday and Saturday!

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