Dumbbell Madness – Chapter 1


Who would have thought that one can fill a program with main focus on dumbbell workouts only? It’s a common mistake to assume one needs a fully equipped gym to achieve certain fitness goals. For this Chapter you’ll only need the minimal equipment. 30 days of a well-structured program, delivered to you as a downloadable PDF eBook. Target audience for doing the workouts as prescribed in this eBook would be the ones that have knowledge about Functional Fitness. When I say “Dumbbell Squat Clean“, do you know what to do? If yes, then grab your copy today. If no, then grab your copy yesterday! But in all seriousness, it helps if you already have proper body movement mechanics and understand the terminology. At the same time, not ever has something new stopped me from trying. So if you are new to Functional Fitness and want to give this eBook a try, you are not alone. Get Yours!

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Here it is, the Wodstylez Blueprint 30 day training plan providing you with daily workouts where a minimal set of equipment is needed for rock-solid high intensity training. I’d like to take this moment of gratitude to thank you for your purchase and it is my honor and pleasure to inspire you to train for the coming 30 days! I’ll also be very honest with you that this book is called Dumbbell Madness for a reason: training with these heavy odd objects is tough and I had my share of terrible struggles and I still do. But at the same time my love for dumbbells has grown. Handling dumbbells creates strength and skills which adds value to your overall fitness. The fact that dumbbells are such handy tools to use anytime and anywhere makes this book even more practical. Please enjoy the ride.